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Baymist Portuguese Water Dogs

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Ali's puppies were born early in the morning of Thursday, August 26, 2004.  It was a busy night for us but well worth it to see the cute, squirming puppies. There are eight puppies in all - four males and four females.  This litter is indeed a good mix as to its colors.  Of the four males, two are mostly-black and two are mostly-white.  The same is true with the four females.
Below are pictures of "Ali's" eight puppies which were taken two weeks after they were born.  To see a larger image of each picture, please just click on it. 

four puppies which are mostly-black
four puppies which are mostly-white

We already found good homes for Ali's puppies; all except one - a male pup with show prospects (please click here to view his pictures).  Many wanted to have him but we want him to go to a good owner who will take the time to show him off and let him grow to his fullest potential.  If you are that kind of person, please feel free to contact us.


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